Friday, July 29, 2011

iPhone Forensic Recovery Software

SD iPhone Recovery Forensic Edition helps to recover deleted txt messages, call history records and contact numbers from all non-jailbroken iPhone 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. It is used for Iphone data investigation and acquisition, MD5 verification and log export are available.

This Iphone recovery software has three versions: Shareware, Premium and Forensic editions. It is developed by the world’s leading data recovery manufacturer-SalvationDATA and can be widely used for Iphone accidental deleted data recovery, Iphone forensics, etc. SalvationDATA provides world’s leading emergency data recovery equipment, data recovery lab solutions, data loss prevention solutions and other data security solutions for enterprises, data recovery companies, public sectors’ data centers and IT system with its over 10 years’ experience serving over 7000 customers worldwide in these fields.

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Download the SD iPhone Recovery Shareware Version here

Server Disaster Data Recovery & Investigation Equipment

SDII-9000: SDII-9000 is one newly developed server disaster data recovery equipment. It supports all the major server brands and raid types with its core modules: Server SAS/SCSI firmware repair module, SAS/SCSI image module, Video positioning and data recovery module, Raid recovery module, and database repair module.

SDII-9000 is one Server forensic investigation platform:

Fast computer forensic investigation to video monitoring servers;
Professional server digital evidence acquisition and examination platform supporting all major server makes and Raid types

* Features:

1, Intelligent and fast evidence files acquisition from both SCSI and SAS drives with firmware corruption;

2, Fast video evidence files search and recovery of partially overwritten video files;

3, Evidence collection from SAS/SCSI drives with bad sectors;

4, Evidence collection from different Raid types of different RAID failure;

5, Evidence collection from corrupted database files by restoring them;

6, Portable design and easy to use for comprehensive server data acquisition.

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Flash data recovery equipment & chip-off forensic tools

SD Flash data recovery equipment is professionally designed to recover deleted files, lost partitions, virus or hackers’ attacked files and targeted potential evidence files from USB flash drives, SD, CF, TF, MMC, pen drives, etc.

If the flash drives are detected but you lose the data by accidental mistakes, format, clone or suffer virus attack, you just need to connect with the flash storage devices and scan the lost data and get them back;

If the flash storage devices are damaged or not detected, you need to unsolder the chips inside the devices and recover the data from the chips. Most flash storage devices are using Tsop chips and BGA chips nowadays. For this kind of situation you lose your valuable or sensitive data, you just put the chips into the chip socket of the SD flash data recovery equipment and then you can get the data back.

* Features:

1, Recover potential deleted evidence files from the flash drives directly;

2, Chip-off flash drive forensics support both TSOP48 flash NAND chips and BGA chips;

Note: Flash drives’ data acquisition requires the computer forensic experts to be well trained and equipped with good flash data recovery knowledge.

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Clean Room Computer Forensic Tools

HD HPE PRO is one typical hard drive repair tool used in clean room environment to restore the physically damaged hard drives for further investigation. It’s one of the most important computer forensic tools of a high level of computer forensics.

* Features:

1, HD HPE PRO can be used either for head swap or removing platters to a donor drive, it’s one excellent computer forensic tool;

2, Evidence collection from physically damaged hard drives suffering natural disasters or other accidents;


Clean room computer forensics is not a day or two days’ work, a large amount of practice makes it perfect until you are very sure of your skills. Computer forensic analysts mostly cannot afford to a small mistake and they must be well prepared and authorized to do the job.

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