Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Start data recovery business wisely

2009 is a data recovery year and we made a research about the new data recovery busienss and found 60% new who bought data recovery tools are not exisiting data recovery companies but some IT companies, Computer forensic services providers, Computer labs even some Universities, training institutes and personals.

The following are some suggestions to start data recovery business wisely.

To enter a new field, the first thing is to learn about this field. When you are considering to start a data recovery business, you need to know Why Should I join in it, How to join it and How to develop it.

Why should I start data recovery business?

In this times of information, More and more people are keeping their data not only by some papers, but most often by computers, flash memories and other forms of storage medias. At the same time, the manufacturers are producing the related products at a amazing speed, such products are often upgraded frequently and these manufacturers are making a nice profit and creating a great potential market for data recovery business.Quality of the products, longevity of the products, human operation errors and damage, accident damage and natual disaster damages, etc, all of them are mothers of data recovery business.

Currently, most data recovery services are not affordable and reasonable to many end users, especially if your patient medias have some physical damages like heads, motor, platter damage, or if your patient medias have firmware problems, etc, such cases usually cost several hundred or thousand dollars and even more. As the competition in data recovery business is growing and the price recently in some countries are improving and goes down a little! And in most of Eastern European countries, Asian countries, African Countries and South American countries, data recovery business are still at the baby stage with great prospect.

Besides above, the financial crisis has a severe damage to many traditional industries and a large amount of people get unemployeed. What to do to make a living? Find another job or start a new business? Be fired again or be your own boss?

How to Start data recovery Business?

If you want to be your own boss and start a data recovery business, we have the following suggestions:

If you have a tight budget, you can make use of some free data recovery software and purchase some good data recovery software, you can find some qualified ones with Ontrack data recovery and Stellar information, these two are the world famous ones with their data recovery software. And hereafter, you are able to provide some logical data recovery services, and you can gain some profit from it. Actually if you are able to make best use of some free data recovery software, you are definitely saving your cost! Your customers are those who know little about computers or those who don’t want to do recoveries by themselves. If you charge reasonably and wisely and you get them.

If you have a tight budget, you can start with some special data recovery services, for example, you can start with...

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