Thursday, January 22, 2009

Firmware Restoration Tool: HD Doctor For Seagate

HD Doctor for Seagate is a newly released advanced hardware and software integrated tool for Data recovery.

Seagate doctor can be easily installed on any desktop/laptop/server computer via USB(USB protocol 1.1 or above) socket and runs on Microsoft Windows 98/2000/XP.

Key Functions:

* Get rid of CE LOG error.

* Backup modules and tracks;

* Firmware check FW repair, Read-only Repair

* Clear G/P/T List, High-speed Scan and Sector Repair by adding bad sectors to P-list, full drive Zerofill * Selfscan * Head Depop

* HDD Parameters Setup

* Clear HDD Password

* Motor Operations

* Windows Version, USB port, fast and easy to operate

* More powerful support list: U5-U10, UX, K1-K5,K7-K10, Laptop(SATURN, NEPTUNE, MERCURY, MERC2, VENUS)

* Open-designed Resource Update;

* Read/write for All modules

* ROM Read/write with PCB

* One key Repair for 'GC2' and 'P' Error

* F>Repair for all Seagate HDDS

* Head Depop for 7200.8, 7200.9 and 7200.7 SATA

* Voltage/Current Protect system

* View sectors

* More friendly CMD Mode

* Auto/Manual Baud-rate Set

Besides, HD Doctor For Seagate helps to solve the problems of Seagate 7200.11 family hard drives :

* HDD Status stays BUSY;
* HDD being detected with 0 in LBA;
* HDD reports SMART error on startup.

Seagate Doctor Connection:

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